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TECDC's Goal

Our goal at The EdSperience is to ensure that every child is taught and gains the most enriching academic experience a center can offer. We focus on the whole child in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles, a safe, loving environment, actively engaged students, a supportive, caring staff, and an academically challenging curriculum. Our school educates children 2-6 years of age. Our goal is to ensure that every student who leaves The EdSperience is working at least one grade level above state standard. Students learn at their own pace and all work is individualized to fit each child’s specific academic needs.


Our students are taken away from the school site on a monthly basis in an effort to gain exposure to different environments in which they can learn. Professionals visit our school site to offer various hands-on learning experiences and our students are even learning during their daily interaction with their peers!


We are licensed by the State of California Health and Human Services Agency. We meet, and in most cases, exceed the standards and regulations outlined in the California Administrative Code Title 22.


We subscribe to a family-oriented philosophy, fostering teamwork between parents and staff. We encourage parents to share their time so that the learning process begins and continues on a consistent basis.


We trust your entire family will enjoy the Center and the friends you will make here. The program is open to children of all races, religions, creeds and colors. The EdSperience Child Development Center, Inc. accepts children without regard to race, religion or natural origin.



We, at The EdSperience Child Development Center, believe that children learn best through real life situations. Every child is capable of learning. Children are constantly learning as they are doing, even when they do not realize it. It is our goal to provide the most hands-on learning experiences there are to offer. Studies show that infancy to age five, are crucial learning years for children. These crucial years mark the most important years of a child’s brain development and learning patterns. Children learn through sensory, motor, and social skills and here, at The EdSperience Child Development Center, we ensure that our students are provided experiences in each and every one of those areas.


The EdSperience is dedicated to making the most of your child’s early years. At TECDC, we do this by providing the best practices that offer your child exceptional early childhood experiences. Hands-on, repetition and critical thinking activities are among the few practices we make accessible to our little EdSperians. We believe that every moment is a teachable moment. It is with this belief that we take the utmost advantage to give your child the most enriching experience, in an effort to create a world of life long experienced learners! .

The Center’s objectives for the children are:


To foster a strong, positive self-concept and identity

To be “turned on” to learning

To be autonomous or capable of doing for one’s self

To be a critical thinker and a problem solver

To be verbal

To develop the “whole-child” intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively.

To gain pre-readiness skills necessary to initiate a formal education




  • Review and discuss the policies and procedures with their students.

  • Serve as role models for self-respect and respect for others.

  • Provide an academic program that is rigorous and challenging.

  • Communicate with families regarding the student’s academic and behavioral progress.

  • Assign homework that assists students academically as well as provide parents an opportunity for involvement.

  • Participate in school committees, councils and parent organizations that benefit the school.


  • Review and discuss the policies and discipline procedures with their children.

  • Serve as role models for self-respect and respect for others.

  • Send their children to school dressed in uniforms (except when advised not to), prepared to learn, and on time.

  • Listen to their child read at least 15 minutes a night (age appropriate).

  • Assist their children with homework assignments on a daily basis to ensure completeness and accuracy.

  • Talk to their child about their school activities daily and read weekly school communications.

  • Attend all parent/teacher conferences to discuss academic and behavioral progress of their children.

  • Patronize our sponsors.

  • Support the school by volunteering.


  • Review and discuss the policies and discipline procedures with their parents/teachers.

  • Respect themselves and others.

  • Wear uniforms daily (except when advised not to).

  • Complete classroom and homework assignments neatly and in a timely manner.

  • Participate in classroom and school activities.

  • Discuss school activities with parents.

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