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What a great place to send your pre-schooler to learn! My son is adjusting and doing 150% better academically and socially than what he was doing at the previous school he attended. I love the EdSperience!Thanks for being a visionary.

Parent of M. Mitchell

My kids really love this school. They are retaining the education very well. 

Parent of J. & J. Brown

I do not know what you do or how you do it but I want to say THANK YOU so very much for getting my daughter kindergarten READY. Reading was her weakest subject. Now she is walking around the house writing, reading and spelling everything. Now the notes she writes me, I can understand them, lol. You truly have a gift. Joss was only there for a month and half, and you and your staff did that! I hate that it is coming to an end soon. Oh how I wish your school extended beyond the years of kindergarten...THANK YOU!

Parent of J. Bell

That moment when your child has been at her new school all of 6 weeks. And she starts counting to one hundred, counting to ten in Spanish, saying her months of the year in English & Spanish all at the dinner table. I'm like wow! All that in just under 6 weeks. I'm so excited for her. And she loves it!! She even loves doing her homework.
#ProudMommy #Edsperience #HigherLearning

Parent of M. Henderson

3 Year Old Reading Sight Words!
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